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Our Services

Apart from FlexSystem self-developed Financial application suites, we have been providing excellent solutions and become the software development partner of many giant corporations in the country and we are expanding our business to the global market by offering IT Value Added services and helping customer to reach their business goals.


Customer Software Development

Our remote developers and onsite resources help you deliver projects on time, and cost-efficiently in collaboration with your existing team, as an alternative to hiring costly contractors or expanding in-house developers.

The primary task of implementation services is to provide advice to customers on the implement and deploy issues, such that the system is able to be up and running within specific time frame and budget as quick as 3 days. All of the services are tailored to individual client, giving the users a suitable, quick but easy to manage implementation scheme

Signing a Contract

Fast System Implementation

Custom Software
Helping Hands

Payroll Outsourcing

We provide Payroll Outsourcing services and HR Solutions based on active employees only. You can either outsource entirely to us or SaAs.

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