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Modern Architecture

FlexAccount NV5

A version created for growing SME businesses

Accounting is the key component in business operation. A best practice accounting tool should be able to assist the management to monitor the corporate performance through data capture, processing and presentation of the crucial data in the most meaningful way.

NV5 version, helps capture every transaction details whereas eliminating data entry error through various validation procedures, so that the data are always accurate and reliable. With the highly user-friendly reporting tool, the data can be distributed and published within a minute, allowing every staff in the company to have better understanding of the operation status for future strategy planning.

key features

  • Integrated data entry

  • Enhanced security

  • Support popular SQL database or high speed ISAM

  • Process massive data volume within minutes

  • Function for budgeting, account allocation, revaluation and reconcilliation

  • Multi-company, multi-currency, open periods, unlimited fiscal year

  • Enhanced multi-dimension, multi-level, drill up/down across analysis

  • Intercompany transaction handling

  • Up to several hundred % faster than other products in report generation on the market

  • Export reports to Text file, Excel, Word, HTML, XML, PDF..

  • Well-defined operational and management reports

  • Full integrate with FION- the best practise for OLAP reporting and query tools

Data Capture

Only from a single point of data entry included GL, AR and AP without Month-End or Year-End Operation

Analytical Power

You can create un-limited analysis during your entry for much meaningful transactions

Data Presentation

Users can design any analysis reports for your planning without engaging IT personnel or vendor

Data Processing

NV5 FMS is not only designed for retrieval of raw numeric data, but also transforming them into high quality information for strategy planning purpose

Integrated Environment

Easy integration from all front-end system 


The system can be easily expanded to accommodate the increase in number of users and modules 

FION, instant access to your financial information... with ease!!!

FION represents the best practice in financial data retrieval, featuring by an easy to use interface and a powerful analysis engine. With FION, you are no longer needed to wait for IT Support, but enabled to access key financial figures and construct personalized financial reports in popular spreadsheet program

Easy to Use

FION is designed to accommodate the needs and skill sets of novice users and power users allow users to break complex reports into meaningful Query blocks

No More Import and Export

FION is totally integrated with Excel, you can enjoy the full native functionalities of MS Excel and retrieve key financial figures

Best Practice in Data Retrieval

Still the best tool in the market for your reporting needs utilizes user familiar accounting term like Account Code, Period and value type only to retrieve your financial figures

Drill Down Capabilities

Not only provides the ease in data retrieval, FION also helps achieving a detailed view into the transactions and enables you to understand the truth behind the numbers

Configured Report Templates

You can quickly construct sophisticated reports in a minutes, and can customize and personalize the reports for your own needs

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