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Discover How FlexAccount and Paybun HR Solution can help transform your business operation into more manageable, controllable and yet profitable business.

Find out why MNC's corporate prefers On-Premise over Public Cloud Accounting?

Familiarize yourself with operation involving accounting during startup, does it sound familiar to you?

Cloud based  accounting tool is good for a start because it specifically targeting basic functions such as Sales/Supplier invoices management and reconciliation and even though you may not have basic knowledge in accounting because you can always hire a book-keeper or outsourced but it shouldn't limited to Financial Statutory Reporting only because your book-keeper can add value in minimizing tax liabilities.

Too much time commitment on Operation?

It’s likely, at least in the beginning, will have few employees. This leaves all of the duties and responsibilities to the owner from hiring to purchasing to banking to advertising.

Too Many Roles

You’re going to be doing a little bit of everything especially in the earliest stages of your business development  to temporarily to build a foundation and direction for your employee to grow and establishing internal tone for your team.  

Discover our Latest Collaboration Financial Management System with Paybun as your Ultimate HR Solution

A version designed with much lower Total Cost of Ownership

Please click here and we will share with you that you should upgrade your Accounting System to Financial Management Solution because your financial health of your company is the biggest factor for its ultimate success or failure. While you might have a CFO or similar position filled in your organization (it should be one of your top priorities), you'll still be responsible for overseeing your financial records and taking action when necessary to prevent uncalled for expenses -- such as managing your employee or how to avoid paying more tax.

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