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Supporting private, public or hybrid cloud our solutions bring all the operational benefits associated with the cloud and coupled with mobile enablement...

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FESA Client-Server Model uses FlexSystem's proprietary encryption and compression technology to produce a Secure Channel...

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The reinvention of tablet, with enough computing power to rival your standard laptop, and with smart phones are commonplace, we all know mobile...

We believe technology development and software quality are the most determining factors in our success.

Since establishment, we have never stopped technology development and keeping pace with rapid changes in the market. Our tremendous efforts on research and development have rewarded FlexSystem with rich technical skill sets and software quality assurance, therefore maximizing return on investment of customer's computing project.


FESA FlexSystem Enterprise Software Architecture. Software Architecture for Building Quality Applications with outstanding attributes in functionality, usability, scalability, extensibility, maintainability, effieciency, reliability...




Big Data / GPU Processing FlexSystem moved into in-memory processing in 2011 and has continued to pioneer in providing fast access to data. Benefits of faster access means all types of reporting are quicker especially across applications which slow down as a result of the involved complexity. FlexSystem sees Big Data as the data within the enterprise. Often users are frustrated by slow access to data even with today’s volumes but as data volumes increase and as geographical barriers continue to be knocked down more processing power will be required for reporting purposes.