GST Trading

Available in our latest FESA Trading Management System that handle your day to day GST operation from entry, printing tax documents & accounting posting. 

GST Functions / Attributes:


  • Essential GST Info - Setting up GST related information for respective Customer & Supplier.

  • Extended Tax Code - Setting up extended GST Tax Code other than RMCD (Royal Malaysian Customs Department) recommended Tax Code. Useful features to segregrate different type of GST computation (ie. Inclusive/exclusive type). In other words, same recommended Tax Code can be duplicated for different entry purposes.

  • Auto Tax Code Assignment - Auto tax code assignment based on multiple hierarchies piriority from group of customer/supplier category to individual product type or product item.

  • MSIC Code (Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification) Setup - Setting up multiple MSIC code for individual product item.

  • Accounting Posting - Direct interface into accounting ledger for later GST-03 submission and GAF generation from accounting module.

  • Tax Documents - Multiple tax documents format could be designed based on client's requirement with compliance with RMCD requirements. Tax documents such as below stated:

    • Full Tax Invoice (Wholly Taxable)

    • Full Tax Invoice (Mixed Supplies)

    • Self-Billed Invoice

    • Tax Invoice (Supply Given Relief)

    • Local Tax Invoice in Foreign Currency

    • Debit / Credit Note

    • etc ...

  • And more ...