GST Accounting

Available in our latest FESA Financial version as well as previous V11 FlexAccount version that handle your day to day GST operation from entry to submission and audit. 

BASIC GST Functions / Attributes:


  • Taxable Period - Setting up GST submission/return period that can be differ from your fiscal financial period.

  • GAF Currency - Setting up ISO currency for GAF generation purposes that matched with your own trading currency (eg. diff selling against diff buying rate).

  • Tax Code - Setting up multiple tax code with different GST rate that comply with RMCD (Royal Malaysian Customs Department) requirement.

  • MSIC Code (Malaysia Standard Industrial Classification) Setup - Setting up multiple MSIC code for different trading segment.

  • Handle various GST transaction - Such as Purchase with Simplified Tax Invoice, Bad Debts Relief/Refund, Imported Goods & Services, Free Gifts, Annual Adjustment & etc adjustment.

  • Capital Goods Entry - Maintain your capital goods value that exceeded RMCD Capital Goods' threshold.

  • AP/AR Bad Debts Relief/Refund Processing - Manage overdue invoices with auto journal adjustment features.

  • Sales & Purchase transaction with multiple tax code/rate.

  • Sales & Purchase Tax tracking report

  • GST-03 Generation (Without TX-RE) - Generate GST-03 report and make your monthly/quarterly submission.

  • General Audit File (GAF) Generation - Generate GAF file for RMCD audit purposes.

  • Third Party Integration - Integrate with various third party front end solution such as, POS, Trading, Hotel Reservation & etc system.

  • And more ...


ADVANCED GST Functions / Attributes:


  • Sales & Purchase Transaction with Mixed Supplies (Taxable & Exempted)

  • "O" Value Entry - Separate entry to capture "O" value transaction which are to be excluded from IRR computation.

  • IRR (TX-RE) Report - Input Tax Recoverable Ratio Report

  • Annual Adjustment Report - Annual adjustment report for TX-RE

  • Capital Goods Adjustment (CGA) Report - Capital Goods Adjustment report in multiple tax year interval.

  • GST-03 Generation (With TX-RE) - Generate GST-03 report and make your electronic submission.

  • And more ...