FESA Financial Query

When talking about extracting FlexAccount data to spreadsheet for reporting purpose, you must think of FION. It is our well-known software product since launched, that thousand users enjoy this easy-to-use and practical reporting tool. FESA Financial Query is the best solution to make your financial report resourceful and meaningful by extracting real time data from FESA Financial.

FionQX / FESA FInancial Query Quick Tour:



  • Quickly access to FESA Financial data for constructing your financial report in spreadsheet program

  • Superior user experience by its new interface

  • Easily create your financial report with unlimited analysis angle with its multi-dimensions, multi-directions and multiple templates capability

  • Leverage new technologies to enjoy unexpected possibilities

  • And more ...




  • Puzzle-like user interface

  • Real time access to FESA Financial data

  • Multi-dimensions, multi-directions and multi-templates

  • Drill down capability

  • Intuitive Screen Editor

  • Comprehensive Security Control

  • And more ...



FESA Enterprise Solution

There is a full range of software applications under FESA Enterprise Solution working with you:


FESA Financial Query
Best practice of financial reporting on spreadsheet