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FlexSystem is the leading provider of enterprise management solutions that delivers high quality business software and services to enable companies to drive increased efficiency and improve agility. With more than 20 years of experience, we have thousands of customers in over 15 countries. Our history of proven records, industry expertise and enthusiasm for technology excellence, FlexSystem guides every user to maximize the return on investment in software project for building competitive advantages. Headquartered in Hong Kong, FlexSystem has offices and operations in Macau, PRC, Taiwan, Malaysia, and other Asian countries



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  • FESA Financials launched

  • Return from being public and become privately held company


  • 5-tier Application Server Technology preview

  • Set up office in Shenzhen, PRC


  • V10 Enterprise Solutions launched


  • EI launched


  • Overseas expansion with branch offices in Taipei (Taiwan), Melbourne (Australia), Singapore & Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)


  • Public listed in HK GEM Board

  • Recognised as the only HK based accounting software company in Shanghai

  • Set up office in Beijing & Guagzhou, PRC


  • Set up development center in Macau

  • Set up distribution channels in Shanghai, Beijing & Guangzhou, PRC


  • FlexAccount NV5 version launched


  • Set up PRC main office in Shanghai, PRC

  • Product approval from Shanghai Municipal Financial Bureau


  • FlexAccount NV2 version launched

  • FION launched


  • 1990 Adopt object oriented programming methodology


  • First launch of FlexAccount

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